Drone Services

Utility Design Services utilizes the latest enterprise grade unmanned aerial systems (drones). Drones pair well with our engineering, design, surveying and inspection services to provide more efficient and effective field engineering work and design deliverables. A high power optical zoom lens, a FLIR thermal camera, and an industrial grade drone capable of carrying both payloads simultaneously allows for highly effective inspections of transmission and distribution lines, substations, solar panels and other electrical equipment.


  • FAA Part 107 licensed remote pilots
  • DJI Matrice M210 dual gimbal drone
  • Zenmuse X4S camera (20 megapixel / 4K video)
  • Zenmuse Z30 inspection camera (30x optical zoom / 6x digital zoom)
  • Zenmuse XT2 FLIR thermal camera

Service capabilities

  • Visual and thermal inspection of overhead electric lines, substations and solar panels
  • Verification of pole top conditions and line hardware
  • Steel tower inspections
  • High power optical zoom for easy identification of hard to access components
  • Aerial mapping and surveying
  • Up-to-date high resolution aerial background images
  • Roof top surveys for solar panel installation
  • Construction progress documentation and mapping
  • Easement/Right of Way inspection
  • Pre-construction Easement/Right of Way condition documentation
  • Real time storm damage assessments